Motorcyclist with brain injury receives £850,000

A motorcyclist  suffered  very serious brain damage following a road traffic accident. Post accident he was unable to walk, developed slurred speech and his life expectancy was reduced. He was unable to work again. Through careful management by Garratts Solictors, he secured residential rehabilitation, and a new specially adapted home for his needs.


Compensation for golfer after career cut short by road collision

Our client was an extremely talented junior golfer who had come to the attention of Nick Faldo who was so impressed with him he gave him private tuition. The day before he was due to turn professional he sustained a whiplash injury in a Road Traffic Accident that prevented him practising and effectively ended a promising career as a golfer.  Garratts pursued a claim on his behalf which resulted in him receiving an award of £250,000 compensation.


Compensation for factory  worker who suffered hand injury in accident at work

A UPVC fabricator received compensation of £9,000 for an injury at work. As he was using a very sharp Don Carlos knife  to clear out corners of inner window frames and to get rid of excess pieces of plastic, the knife slipped and cut into his left  index finger. The Defendants had  failed to provide adequte training in the use of the knife and failed  to provide suitable protective  equipment.  


Damages win after holiday accident

A family holiday turned into a painful ordeal  for a grandmother whilst  on holiday in Tunisia. One night she was returning to her hotel and entered the hotel grounds through a side gate. The area was poorly lit and she did not see that there was a step and then a kerb immediately on the other side of the gate. She tripped and fell to the ground breaking her hip. She received  £13,000 compensation.


Apprentice fitter wins compensation for eye injury

A young  apprentice fitter was watching his supervisor using a chisel to hammer out a bolt jammed into an industrial lifting machine; a fragment of metal flew from the bolt and caught him in the left eye. He suffered a serious perforating injury to his eye and was off work for several weeks. Garratts Solicitors brought a claim against his employers alleging that he should have been provided with safety goggles. He received  £18,000 in an out of court settlement.


Compensation for hair damage

Our client  attended her local hairdressers for a perm. Unfortunately, she was left in the hands of an inexperienced hairdresser which resulted in hair damage. Chemicals were incorrectly applied to her hair,  and she remained under the hair processing accelerator beyond the recommended time. Incorrect rollers for the type of perm were also used. As a result, she suffered severe damage to her hair. It fractured and began to fall out approximately 1 week after the perm. She also experienced severe depression due to the hair loss. Garratts Solicitors brought a claim against the salon proprietor and she received compensation of £5,000.


Child injured by needlestick

A child aged 3 suffered a frightening injury whilst playing in a communal area outside a housing association property in Worcester. She came across a discarded and used hypodermic needle which had been left near the vicinity of a broken bin; another child attempted to take it off her, and in the ensuing melee, the needle was stabbed into her  neck. She underwent HIV testing, which fortunately was negative. The Local Authority admitted that they were aware that the bin was broken and that drug addicts were using the area, and that needles were regularly discarded. Garratts Solicitors successfully recovered the sum of £3,000 compensation.


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