Fixed fees

Fees for Family Work

We offer several alternative ways to fund your case, each of which is tailored to your particular circumstances by our expert lawyers. Our consultancy schemes allow you to remain in control of your case whilst using our services. No hidden fees. Fees are inclusive of VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise.

Discounted Initial Fixed Fee Interview

£240 inc VAT for up to one hour with a solicitor. The appointment can be offered at any one of our six offices.

This option can only be used once for any particular issue. Payment is required in advance of your appointment.


Fees for Divorce

Our fees for an uncontested divorce are based on the amount of work we do for you. Contact us for a personalised quote based on your circumstances. 



Petitioner - £780 inc VAT plus court fee – *Uncontested Divorce where there are no children issues or financial assets or agreements to consider. If personal service is required this will be extra

Respondent - £330 inc VAT – *Uncontested Divorce


Consent Order:

From £1,200 inc VAT plus court fees - *where an agreement has been reached by the parties and there are no disputes


Change of name deed:

£156 inc VAT


Should you need or prefer to do so you can convert to a full retainer service at any stage of proceedings.  This could be especially helpful if you have an upcoming Court Hearing and do not feel able to represent yourself at Court.

Please feel free to telephone the Family Team on 0161 665 3502 to obtain further details or to book an appointment.  Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form.


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