Fixed fees

Fixed Fees for General Litigation

Our new consultancy schemes allow you to remain in control of your claim whilst using our services. No hidden fees, just one fixed affordable cost. Payment is required in advance of your appointment.

Please feel free to telephone a member of our team on 0161 665 3502 to obtain further details or to book an appointment.  Alternatively, click here and one of our team will contact you. Fees are all inclusive of VAT at 20%.

Stage 1 - Fixed Fee Interview Scheme

Cost Time allowed
£240 inc VAT

Up to one hour face to face – one to one time with a solicitor.  The appointment can be offered at any one of our six offices.

Stage 2 - Pay As You Go Consultancy Scheme

Cost Time allowed
£240 inc VAT

Up to one hour. 

Our Pay As You Go Scheme offers greater flexibility as to how the time can be used.  You can use this scheme  as often as you need to.

Examples of usage are:

  • A meeting with your solicitor at any one of our six offices.
  • A telephone consultation with your solicitor.
  • Assisting you with the completion of any Court or other legal forms.
  • Drafting letters/documents for you (but which are to be sent by you in your name).
  • Obtaining advice on any legal documentation received by you.

Full Retainer

Should you need or prefer to do so you can convert to a full retainer service at any stage of proceedings. This could be especially helpful if you have an upcoming Court Hearing and do not feel able to represent yourself at Court.


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