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Misdiagnosis/Delay in Diagnosis or Treatment Claims

Our solicitors offer advice regarding misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis or treatment claims. Contact Garratts and speak to a negligence expert today.

Garratts Clinical Negligence Solicitors can help you to make a claim for compensation if you have suffered from misdiagnosed illness, or experienced a delay in obtaining a correct diagnosis or setback in obtaining correct treatment for your condition where the wait has made a difference to the outcome normally expected for your type of case.

A wrong or delayed diagnosis can lead to huge amounts of stress for a patient, and can be dangerous.

Garratts specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors have won compensation for various cases including: 

  • Failure to conduct adequate or proper investigation of symptoms
  • Misinterpretation of scans and/or x-rays
  • Misinterpretation of tissue samples or smears by a pathologist
  • Inappropriate treatment or unnecessary medical procedure conducted
  • Prescription errors
  • Dispensing errors

Misdiagnosis Compensation Solicitors

Garratts Solicitors have over 30 years' experience in helping people to obtain compensation when their treatment has gone wrong.  We offer a no obligation, initial consultation and the majority of our cases are funded by a 'No Win No Fee' Agreement so there's no financial risk to you.

We have offices in Oldham, Ashton, Newton Heath, Radcliffe, Stalybridge and Worsley and you can be seen at any of these offices to suit you.  Alternatively, we can offer a home or hospital visit for people who are unable to attend our offices.

Call our Oldham Clinical Negligence Solicitors on 0161 665 3502 today or complete our online enquiry form.

Misdiagnosis Case Studies

Delayed Diagnosis/Treatment

The claimant  slipped on black ice causing him to fall heavily onto his right ankle. He subsequently attended  a hospital  Accident and Emergency Department,  and no fracture or dislocation was identified. He was discharged with crutches and advised to rest for three or four days before starting to weight bear.

Due to further problems with the ankle he returned to the hospital and was re-examined and a further x-ray was taken,  identifying a fracture.

He subsequently had to undergo surgery, missed a holiday and had screws inserted in the ankle.

Whilst he would have had to have undergone the surgery even if the ankle injury had been correctly diagnosed at the outset, he still suffered additional pain and suffering unnecessarily for a longer period of time than he should have.The Client received £2,500.

Misdiagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and Delayed Correct Treatment

Mr D suffered from extreme stomach pain, constipation and unexplained weight loss. Mr D had been earlier diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and appropriate medication was prescribed. Mr D became very poorly and was eventually admitted to hospital after attending a number of times over the period of a month and given only pain relief.  He was an inpatient for over two weeks during which time he was in complete agony despite which only pain relief was given. 

Mr D’s skin began to change colour and during attempts to tubate him so that essential fluids/food could be given he began to vomit excrement.  He was taken for emergency surgery when two blockages were found and sections of his bowel and colon were removed and replaced with an ileostemy bag.  Further surgery was required to subsequently reverse the procedure.  The delay in referring him to an appropriate surgeon and subsequent delayed recovery were both actionable and Garratts secured compensation for Mr D in the sum of £7,000.

Delayed Investigation/Treatment to Damaged Achilles Tendon Resulting in more Invasive Corrective Surgery

Miss H acquired an sporting injury to her Achilles tendon in her right ankle whilst playing netball.  She attended at hospital where her right leg below the knee to her toes was placed in plaster with a backslab with her toes pointing downwards.  A couple of days later she attended at the fracture clinic where the cast was removed and replaced.  Miss H was told an urgent ultrasound scan would be required.  The scan was not conducted until a month later and in the meantime the cast was not replaced.  5 months after being injured and following a further ultrasound scan, Miss H was informed she had ruptured her Achilles tendon  3 weeks later she was still unable to weight bear on her right leg.  1 month later she underwent extensive corrective surgery having been informed that due to the delay in operating there was only a 60% chance of complete success and the scarring and recovery period would both be greater as a result of the delays.  The delay in diagnosis, delay in obtaining the ultrasound scan and subsequent delayed recovery were all actionable and Garratts secured compensation for Miss H in the sum of £20,000.



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