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Representation at Police Stations

Being arrested or being asked to attend the Police Station can be a daunting experience. It is important that you have a legal representative with you, to represent you from the outset.

At Garratts, we have a team of experienced legal professionals available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can provide representation at any police station in England and Wales.  If you find yourself in need of advice or representation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We offer free and independent legal advice. We will attend the police station with you and advise on the evidence that the police have against you.  We will also sit through the interview and make sure that the interview is conducted under PACE. We will also advise you on the outcome of the interview and the options available.  We will represent on your behalf for bail and, if appropriate, bail conditions.

Please ring us immediately for advice if the police have contacted or arrested you. Our 24-hour police station number is 07971 163241.


What to do if you're arrested or asked to attend a police station for an interview?

If you're arrested or asked to attend a police station for an interview, it is important that you have a legal representative with you. Most criminal cases start with the Police investigation and therefore, it is important that you are properly advised to ensure that your defence is set out from the beginning. We will able to advise on the evidence the police have against you and advise you on your defence.  


If you are arrested, one of your rights is to speak and consult with a solicitor.  You should ask the police that you wish to speak to solicitor and to inform them that you are arrested. The police will get in touch with your solicitor via Defence Solicitors Call Centre and contact your solicitor.  Garratts Solicitors offer free and independent advice to all our clients. Once we have been notified of your arrest, we will speak to you over the phone to ensure that you are looked after.  We will make a note of the time of your arrest and make sure that the police are conducting their investigation quickly and expeditiously. We will then attend police when the police are ready for an interview and advice you on the evidence against you.  We will also sit in the police interview and ensure the interview is conducted under PACE.

Voluntary Interview

The police may ask you to attend a police station for a voluntary interview. This means that the Police will not arrest you; however, they would want to interview you under Caution. If you do not attend, the police may later decide to arrest you. It is, therefore, important to attend a police station to avoid being arrested.  You are also free to leave the interview at any time, however, if the police feel you are not cooperating, they may need to arrest you.

You are entitled to have free independent legal advice for the interview.  Please make sure you ask for Garratts Solicitors to attend with you.

If the police have contacted you for an interview, please contact us immediately and inform us of the date, time and the police station so that we can attend with you.

We will contact the police officer in the case and inform them that we represent you.  We will request a copy of the disclosure from the officer and advice you accordingly.  If the officer does not give us a disclosure beforehand, we will obtain the disclosure before the interview and discuss the case with you before we go for an interview.

We will then advise you on how to deal with the interview. We will sit in the interview and ensure it is being conducted under PACE and advice you on the outcome of the investigation.

If you've been arrested or asked to attend a police station for an interview, please contact us at 0161 344 2244. Our team of criminal defence solicitors are here to help you through this difficult time.


Why would I need a solicitor at a police station?

If you are arrested or asked to attend a police station for an interview, you should have a solicitor. 


What does a police station representative do?

A police station representative from Garratts can:

  • Give you free and independent legal advice.
  • Help you understand the charges against you.
  • Tell you what will happen during the interview.
  • Take notes of the interview so they can be used as evidence in court, if necessary.
  • Challenge anything that the police say or do during the interview.
  • Make sure that the police treat you fairly and do not breach your rights.


Can I be interviewed without a solicitor being present?

Yes, but we would not advise you not to do this as you may make an admission or may implicate yourself.


What does a solicitor do once called to a police station?

At the Police station, your solicitor will;

  • Obtain information from the officer about the allegation and assess the strength and weaknesses of their evidence. 
  • Have a private consultation with you and advise you on the best course of action for the interview. 
  • Sit through the interview with you and ensure that the police interview you in accordance with the current rules and regulations.


What happens after a police interview?

After the interview, the police will either:

  • Take no further action.
  • Bail you pending further investigation.
  • Release you under investigation.
  • Charge you with the offence.
  • Serve you a summons.

We will let you know the outcome of your interview, and if the investigation is still continuing, we will keep you informed. If you are charged with an offence, you will be given a court date and need to appear in front of a magistrate.


Can I refuse a police interview?

Yes, you can refuse to be interviewed by the police. However, this could work against you, and the Courts may draw an adverse inference from it.


Do I have to pay for a solicitor at the police station?

No, you are entitled to free and independent legal representation.


Is everyone entitled to a duty solicitor?

Yes, it is your right to have free, independent legal advice upon arrest or before you are invited to a police station, and the police should inform you about this. Duty solicitors will be on-call 24 hours a day, and police stations will have a list of available duty solicitors for you to review.

Alternatively, you can request that the police station calls the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC); or contact your own legal representative.


Why should I choose Garratts to help with my police station representation?

At Garratts, we have a dedicated team of criminal defence solicitors with experience representing clients at police stations. We offer representation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will provide you with independent legal advice and representation. 

Our team will support you during the interview based on the information provided about your allegation. We will also ensure you understand the police interview process at every stage and work tirelessly to get the best results. Call 0161 344 2244 today to speak to one of our criminal defence specialists or fill in our contact form.

Please note that you can contact us out of hours on our emergency number 0797 116 3241.


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