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At Garratts, we offer fixed cost Construction Dispute Advice. Our qualified team of solicitors in Manchester specialise in Litigation, contact us today.

Whenever you instruct or are instructed by someone to carry out work and services, a contract is created, forming a legally binding agreement. 

Often these contracts have very little in terms of paperwork to support what they involve especially if the services are relatively minor. However, in the case of larger more comprehensive projects, a detailed tender can evidence what is to be done, or a standard form industry contract such as JCT Minor Buildings Contract can be more specific and provide for various contingencies which may be experienced.  

For larger, intensive building projects, more detailed contracts can be prepared to provide for project managers and various other sub-contractors with each stage itemised and detailed and various contingencies.

However, irrespective of the extent and nature of the contract, disputes can arise. Whether this is over the quality of the work, or the time it takes to carry out the work and if the contract does not refer to these issues, then issues may arise in relation to interpretation of the contract.

In some situations, the contracts can be varied and contingencies which have not been accounted for arise. The costs of materials may vary and have a dramatic effect on the project however big or small.

Contract Disputes for Construction Projects

In all, entering into a contract for building work to be carried out can be a major or minor investment, and as such things do go wrong and the ultimate aim is to resolve the problem and dispute as practically and cost effectively as possible so as to maintain working relationships.

No two disputes are the same, however here at Garratts we have a wealth of experience of dealing with this area, however large or small. We have access to a variety of experts from Chartered Structural Surveyors to Quantity Surveyors, if you have a business which has lost out as a result of delays in building works being carried out on time, we can even involve forensic accountants to evaluate what that has meant to your business.

We have experience of dealing with court proceedings when alternative methods of dispute resolution have failed and if complex, dealing with the specialised Technology and Construction Courts.

Specialist Construction Team

Our team is made up of specialist litigation solicitors and a qualified FILEX executive with expertise in the following areas:

  • Delays and failures to complete on time
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Disputes over prices charged and claimed
  • Loss of revenue as a result of delays

The above are just examples of the advice that we can provide. Contact our General Litigation Team for further information.

Construction Dispute Advice you need at a Fixed Cost

Your first consultation will be offered under our Fixed Fee Interview Scheme.  This is a cost effective way of obtaining legal advice in a face to face – one to one appointment at one of our offices to suit you.  Please see our Spotlight on Fixed Fees for General Litigation for more information about how this scheme can help you.

You can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information on your rights, an assessment of the legal merits of your case and an idea of the likely costs and potential awards from the outset.

You can then choose whether to deal with your case yourself perhaps with additional advice from us on our Pay As You Go Scheme as and when you need it or under our standard retainer scheme if you prefer to instruct us to represent you.

You may have legal expenses insurance cover provided as an add-on or inclusion in a home or motor insurance policy. We would be happy to look at your policy to check whether or not this is available to cover the costs of our retainer services if you are unsure.


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