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A contract is a legally binding agreement or promised between two or more persons that can be enforced by law. This can be verbal or written.  The essential elements that make a contract enforceable are:

  • Offer
  • Acceptance
  • Agreement
  • Consideration
  • Capacity
  • Intention to enter into legal relations

Contracts are a part of everyday life and for example these include agreements to:

  • Buy or sell goods
  • Hire or provide a service
  • Rent a property  either as a landlord or a tenant
  • Settle a debt dispute
  • Start work or for someone to work for you

Contract Dispute Solicitors in Greater Manchester

At Garratts, our Litigation Solicitors have a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge to enable us to advise you on a wide range of contracts, their effects upon you and your rights and obligations under them.  We can also advise you on your options or remedies should something go wrong or when the contract terms have been breached.

As a consumer, you are protected by various Acts of Parliament which are aimed at consumer problems.  Such problems include buying faulty goods, fraud, mis-selling of a product, and buying services which are unsatisfactory.

Our Litigation Solicitors are able to provide advice on all aspects of Consumer Law.  Briefly, these include:

  • The Sale of Goods Act  sets out rights additional to your contract relating to the sale and purchase of everyday items. Any item purchased from a retailer should be of satisfactory condition/quality.
  • The Supply of Goods and Services Act  this is similar to the Sale of Goods Act but mainly this covers the services you receive from tradesmen and also covers the materials they use.
  • The Consumer Credit Act  this sets out the rules governing loans from credit companies and other types of credit services.
  • The Unfair Contract Terms Act  controls attempts by the seller to avoid or restrict their liability or non-performance.
  • The Misrepresentation Act  provides remedies where you have been induced into a misrepresented contract.

Have you been sold a faulty product, bought services which are unsatisfactory, or have employed a tradesman who has failed to complete the work commissioned to a satisfactory standard? If so, then our specialist Litigation Solicitors can advise you on your options and suggest the best way of either obtaining a refund or suing for compensation.

Contract Advice you need at a Fixed Cost

For the above types of work, your first consultation will be offered under our Fixed Fee Interview Scheme.  This is a cost effective way of obtaining legal advice in a face to face  one to one appointment at one of our offices to suit you.  Please see our Spotlight on Fixed Fees for General Litigation.

You can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information on your rights, an assessment of the legal merits of your case and an idea of the likely costs and potential awards from the outset.

You can then choose whether to deal with your case yourself perhaps with additional advice from us on our Pay As You Go Scheme as and when you need it or under our standard retainer scheme if you prefer to instruct us to represent you to negotiate with the other party on your behalf.

If you are acting as an individual, you may have legal expenses insurance cover provided as an add-on or inclusion in a home or motor insurance policy. We would be happy to look at your policy to check whether or not this is available to cover the costs of our retainer services if you are unsure.

Franchise agreements and Partnership agreements

You may find that you need legal advice before entering into a contract.  This could be a franchise agreement, partnership agreement or similar agreement.

Garratts can clarify any issues which appear clouded by legal jargon so that you are clear on what is required of you and what you can expect to receive before you sign anything that commits you to a deal.

For this type of work, we can usually offer advice on a Fixed Fee First basis.  This will depend upon the type of agreement, its length and complexity of issues.  We may ask to see the Agreement before providing a quote for the work.

You can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information on your rights and obligations together with any appropriate suggestions for amendments based on your circumstances.

Contact our Litigation Solicitors

Contact our Oldham office on 0161 665 3502 to see what we can do for you or complete our online enquiry form. Garratts Solicitors have 6 offices - Oldham, Ashton, Stalybridge, Radcliffe, Worsley and Newton Heath.  An appointment can be made at any office to suit you.


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