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There are many reasons why County Court Proceedings become necessary and the County Court deals with numerous different types of claim.

If your claim is a money claim and is worth less than £10,000, then Small Claims Court Proceedings should be issued.  The Small Claims Court is a simplified procedure which enables the parties involved to resolve their disputes as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, other than fixed costs, any legal fees you incur in dealing with Small Claims Court Proceedings are not recoverable from your opponent even if you win and you should consider carefully whether this action is appropriate if you need to instruct solicitors to act on your behalf since quite often the costs of taking the action can outweigh the benefits of winning a case.

Small Claims Court and Dispute Resolution Solicitors

At Garratts Solicitors, we appreciate that you may still need some legal guidance to help you through legal proceedings and therefore we have designed our Fixed Fee Consultancy Schemes which will allow you to obtain advice at a discounted fixed fee with no hidden charges. You pay for the time you need when you need it so that you can budget accordingly.

Our Consultancy Schemes ensure that you remain in control of your case and the costs, making a Small Claims Court Claim a much more viable option financially. See our Spotlight on Fixed Fees for General Litigation  page for more information.

However, if your claim is worth more than £10,000 and if you are successful in your claim, you can usually recover the cost of your legal fees from your opponent, and if it proceeds to Court this would be dealt with by the County Court. 

Under our retainer scheme, Garratts Litigation Solicitors will guide you through the legal process, ensure that your claim is effectively formulated to maximise your chances of success and we will work hard to obtain and enforce the Court’s Judgement if it proceeds to Court.

Many of our cases settle before going to Court as our qualified Litigation Solicitors assertively negotiate a settlement as early as possible, saving both time and money for you.

Call our friendly team of experts to discuss your Court Action today. 

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