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Neighbour and boundary disputes

At Garratts Solicitors, we offer expert legal advice in Neighbour and Boundary Disputes. Get specialist Dispute Advice at a fixed cost in Greater Manchester

It is said that an Englishman’s home is his castle and here at Garratts we realise how distressing a dispute with a neighbour can be for all those involved. We can offer practical advice and solutions and we will make every effort to avoid court action whenever possible helping you to resolve these issues as early as possible.

A neighbour dispute can develop as a result of blocked access or replacing boundary structures or encroachment onto land believed to be owned by someone else.  Neighbour disputes include issues such as:

  • Boundary, Fences and Wall disputes
  • Trees and High Hedge disputes
  • Party Wall Act disputes and Notices
  • Rights of Way/Trespass
  • Access over neighbouring land
  • Adverse possession claims

Neighbour Dispute Solicitors in Greater Manchester

Sometimes one party seeking advice from a solicitor can cause the situation to escalate and have a negative impact on your relationship with your neighbour.  We would always recommend trying to sort things out with your neighbour amicably if possible.  You should record all agreements between you in writing and maintain a detailed diary of all incidents as this information could be required at some point in the future, particularly if Court Proceedings prove to be necessary

Dispute Advice you need at a Fixed Cost

Your first consultation will be offered under our Fixed Fee  Interview Scheme.  This is a cost-effective way of obtaining legal advice in a face to face – one to one appointment at one of our offices to suit you.  Please see our Spotlight on Fixed Fees for General Litigation for more information about how this Scheme can help you.

You can expect to receive clear and concise advice and information on your rights, an assessment of the legal merits of your case and an idea of the likely costs and potential awards from the outset.

If the dispute relates to ownership of land, it may be necessary to correctly identify who owns the land in question before we can advise you as to your options.  Our Conveyancing Department has the skills and knowledge required to identify ownership of the land and therefore if there is any uncertainty as to whether you own the land, we would recommend that you seek advice from our Conveyancing Department before trying to resolve the dispute.  Our Conveyancing Department will be pleased to provide a quote for checking your Title Deeds and identifying ownership.

If an amicable solution cannot be found, you may wish to consider taking your neighbour to Court. 

However, this can be a costly process and should only be used as a final option.


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