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Drink and Drug Driving

Our motoring offences solicitors can help you if you have been caught driving under the influence. Contact Garratts today for legal advice on driving offences

Being stopped on the road and breathalysed, or tested for drugs in your system through a urine sample, can be a frightening and daunting experience. 

If you are convicted of the offence of drink or drug driving, the minimum penalty is a disqualification for a minimum period of 12 months and a considerable fine. Penalties can also be much longer, depending upon your reading, including community service and even prison sentences. 

This will have a devastating impact on your livelihood and often on your partner and family as well. 

We can help you look at the process which the police have followed, as well as looking at the possibility of finding 'Special Reasons' not to disqualify you from driving. 

Even being asleep in your stationary car, whilst over the legal limit can sometimes lead to you being prosecuted for being 'in charge' of a motor vehicle and can result in your losing your licence.


Drug and Drink Driving Offence Solicitors in Manchester

If you find yourself charged with a drink or drug driving offence, there is a chance that a valid defence can be built to help you keep your licence.

Our drink driving solicitors specialise in lawful defences, and we will guide you through your options before you decide whether you are guilty or not guilty of the offence. 

Act quickly, and Garratts can work with you on saving your licence. We know how to successfully defend a drink or drug driving case.


Ring us on 0161 344 2244 to speak to a qualified Solicitor about your case and your options, or contact us online. 


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