Fees for Motoring Offences

Our specialist team of Solicitors give expert legal advice on Fees for Motoring Offences in Oldham and Manchester. Contact today us for more details

Generally, Legal Aid is not available for motoring offences. There are exceptions to this, particularly in relation to more serious allegations including Dangerous Driving, Driving with Excess Alcohol (where the alcohol reading is very high) and other similar charges.   Where Legal Aid is available for your case, we will advise you and assist you in making an application.

In all other cases, we will be pleased to represent you on a privately funded basis, and we have provided below information about our costs in relation to appearances before Tameside, Manchester, Stockport and Bolton Magistrates’ Courts.   We will happily represent you at other Courts too, although our fees will be higher, to reflect the additional travelling time.

Our fees, set out below, will include taking your instructions, preparing your case and presenting your case at Court on your behalf.   These fees are all inclusive of VAT.

Guilty plea at Court, concluded in a single hearing   £420
Guilty plea at Court, where there are two hearings     £600
Not guilty plea, with a trial lasting up to half a day         £1,440
Not guilty plea, with a trial last up to a full day      £2,400
Application for Exceptional Hardship    £600
Application for Special Reasons, lasting up to half a day    £1,440
Applications for Special Reasons, lasting up to a full day       £2,400


Each case is different, and there are occasions when your case is more complex, or involves highly unusual issues in which case a Fixed Fee may not be appropriate.   Should we identify that your case falls into that category, we will discuss our fees with you to tailor the work which we need to do to the specific circumstances of your case, and agree a figure.

If your case is due to be heard in a Court other than those listed above, then we will gladly represent you but will have to charge additionally for our travelling time, and travel expenses.   We charge an additional £96 per hour for travelling, and 54p per mile (plus any parking costs). These figures include VAT.

Motoring offences can seem minor, and there is always a temptation to represent yourself.   However, the impact of a conviction, and/or penalty points on your driving licence, can have a disproportionately significant impact upon your work and home life.   It is always worth taking legal advice, and invariably, better to have a Solicitor who is experienced in dealing with these kind of offences to speak on your behalf, and present your case most effectively.