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The spread of 'average speed' cameras, as well as static cameras, means that it is increasingly hard to keep your licence free of penalty points.

It is no surprise that speeding is the most common traffic offence in the UK.

Most speeding offences carry at least 3 points, and many carry more than that, based upon your actual speed and the limit applying on the road where you were caught. It can be frighteningly easy to find yourself in a position where you are at risk of 'Totting up' - that is, the position where you are about to reach the maximum of 12 penalty points on your licence. This can lead to you being disqualified for a minimum of six months (and sometimes longer).

Speeding Offence Solicitors near you in Manchester & Oldham

We can help you look at the offence with which you have been charged, and consider whether there are any grounds to find 'Exceptional Hardship' to persuade the Court not to impose a disqualification even though you have reached 12 (or more) points.

The process of challenging a speeding offence in court can be complex and demanding, and our experienced solicitors can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. Even if this is your first speeding offence, we may be able to halt the 'totting up' procedure that leads to life-ruining driving bans as a result of several small offences.


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