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Mobile Phone driving offence solicitors in Oldham and Manchester

Despite the increased use of 'hands free' in-car systems to enable users to make calls while driving, the temptation to pick your phone up whilst driving to read, or even send, a text message can sometimes be overwhelming.

Since the introduction of smartphones, our devices are now teeming with tempting notifications and alerts which take only a second to check. It is illegal to check your phone while your car is at a standstill with the engine still on, even if you are stuck in traffic or stopped in front of lights.

This has led to using a mobile phone while driving being one of the most commonly committed and frustrating offences on the road. You can still face a £60 Fixed Penalty Notice if you check your phone while your vehicle is at a standstill.

Before you know it, you have been caught and are being prosecuted for using your mobile phone whilst driving.  As well as a fine, you will face penalty points being added to your driving licence. 

The use of any hand held communication or navigation device in a car is prohibited.

If you are caught driving carelessly or contribute to an accident while using a mobile phone, you could face prosecution for more serious charges.


Driving With a Mobile Phone Offence Solicitors in Manchester

We will help you look at the evidence obtained and see your options in dealing with the case most effectively and with the best possible outcome for you.  

Our driving offence solicitors specialise in cases where drivers are caught on a mobile phone or another device while on the road. We can fight the charges using technical defences to make sure you keep your licence.

If you have been accused of or charged with a driving offence linked to mobile phone use, contact the experts at Garratts Solicitors.


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