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Fall From Heights Claims

A fall from height is one of the biggest causes of severe and fatal injuries in the UK. Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester & Oldham specialise in fall from heights claims. Most of the claims we handle have a No Win No Fee agreement. Speak to Garratts’ team of personal injury solicitors on 0161 665 350, or contact us online.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stated that falls from height were the highest cause of fatal injuries, equaling 25% of all fatal accidents to workers between 2015 and 2018 ( A lot of accidents do not even happen at extreme heights, but many serious and catastrophic injuries result from falls from heights of less than 2 metres. For this reason, UK employers must follow The Work at Height Regulations 2005. If you suffered injuries following a fall from height at work, you can speak with Garratts’ team of personal injury solicitors on 0161 665 350 or fill in our contact form to find out if you’re eligible to claim compensation.

What constitutes a fall from height?

A fall from height generally results in an injury to someone who fell from a high place, i.e. a place that wasn’t ground-level and landed on the ground, resulting in that person suffering multiple injuries. 


Where are people most at risk to suffer a fall from height?

People working in one of the following places are likely to suffer injuries from falls from height: 

  • Occupations & workplaces requiring the use of ladders, i.e. painters, window cleaners
  • Places where heavy machinery and plants are used, i.e. construction workers
  • Stairways, i.e. catering personal
  • Scaffolding and gantry, i.e. roofers or window installers
  • Warehouse racking, i.e. warehouse operatives, shelve stackers or sales assistants
  • Platforms, i.e. civil engineers


Types of fall from height injuries

Below are common injury types that may present after falling from height. This list is not extensive, and other injuries can occur. 

If you wish to speak to someone about your accident, please call us on  0161 665 350.


How much compensation can I claim for a fall from height injury?

The level of compensation will vary based on the type of your injury, its severity, and any rehabilitation treatment required for you to get better. You may also be able to claim for loss of earnings, medical expenses etc. 


What is the process for making a fall from height compensation claim?

At Garratts, we advise anyone who has suffered a fall from height and considers making a claim to follow these steps:

  • Record the accident within your employer's accident book.
  • List the names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Obtain photographs of the accident scene.
  • Ask your employer to support you with your recovery.
  • Inform the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the accident. 
  • If required, seek medical care and keep a record of all medical records and any expenses you will need to cover initially. 
  • Speak to our team of expert personal injury solicitors, who will advise you about your claim free of charge. You can get in touch via 0161 665 3502, or fill in our contact form.

After an initial, free consultation, our legal team will gather all the required evidence on your behalf. We may also arrange an independent medical exam. Finally, we will undertake all necessary negotiations and represent you in court. However, most of our personal injury claims are dealt with via out of court settlements.


No Win No Fee Fall From Height Claims

We offer all of our personal injury services on a No Win No Fee basis. If your claim is successful, you will pay us a success fee capped at a maximum of 25% of the compensation awarded. 

Why choose Garratts for your fall from height at work claim?

If you have suffered an injury resulting from a fall from height at work, please contact Garratts’ team of legal experts on 0161 665 3502. You can also request a callback online. Our personal injury solicitors will discuss your case, and if you decide to proceed with your claim, we will keep you updated as your claim gets processed. 


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