Beauty Treatment Compensation and Hair Damage Claims

When visiting a hairdressers or beauticians, you expect professional treatment from specialists to make you look your best.

However, you cannot always be sure of receiving beauty treatments by fully trained professionals, and things can go wrong.

Negligent treatment by a hairdresser or beautician can cause long-term suffering and distress, both physical and psychological, with potentially embarrassing consequences.


Making a Claim Against a Hairdresser

The main cause of problems resulting from treatment at hairdressing salons is lack of knowledge and incorrect/inappropriate use of chemicals and other hair products.

Dangerous problems can arise from carrying out the following procedures -

  • Perms 
  • Straightening
  • Colouring/bleaching
  • Extensions

If you have suffered an injury to your scalp or damage to your hair as a result of your hairdresser's negligence we may be able to help you claim compensation for the damage. Follow these steps to help your claim -

  • Take some photographs of the damage to your hair and scalp as soon as possible
  • Save a sample of your damaged hair before any more treatment is done
  • Locate some photographs of your hair from before the damage was done
  • Make a note of the name of the stylist and the name and address of the salon where you had your treatment
  • Try and find out the details of the products that were used
  • Don't have any more cutting or styling of your hair, and don't allow anyone to apply any other products until you have had some initial advice


Allergic Reactions to Hair Dye and Beauty Products

Care should always be taken by salons before applying hair dye or products to the skin. Hair salons should always insist on a basic skin patch test being done 48 – 24 hours prior to any treatments, to rule out any allergic reaction to the product they intend to use.

Beauty salons should also complete a health check with you identifying any allergies or illnesses that may be affected by the product that they intend to use on your skin.

Up to 14% of people are allergic to the active ingredient ‘PPD’ found in most hair dye products, so these tests are essential before treatment goes ahead.


Wax and Laser Burns

Burns caused by hot wax or lasers are a common type of injury which can be sustained during the process of unwanted hair removal.

Hair stylists and beauty therapists have a duty to perform the desired treatment to a standard you would expect from other professionals in this field.

Therefore, if they fail to do this and as a result you sustain a personal injury then you may have a claim for compensation.


If you have been injured by a hairdressing or beauty treatment, contact our Personal Injury Solicitors on 0161 665 3502 or start your claim online. Discuss the details of your claim with us for no charge. We run our cases on a No Win No Fee basis, and our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. 


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