Faulty Products

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When we buy products, we put our trust in retailers and manufacturers that the products will work correctly and safely. Sometimes, products fail to work as promised and, on rare occasions, defects can cause illness or personal injury.

Examples of faulty products can include:

  • Electricals with faulty electrics. This can include any electrical product from washing machines to e-cigarettes. Injuries could include electric shocks and burns if the electrics cause a fire
  • DIY products or goods which are defective, causing injury – such as a broken ladder or drill
  • Food from a supermarket or restaurant which is contaminated or unfit for consumption, causing illness
  • Furniture such as chairs, sofas or beds which break or collapse during use
  • Faulty vehicles which could cause serious accidents

If you’ve suffered ill health, injury, emotional stress, or financial loss because of a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation. Many different types of product can cause personal injury - from faulty electrical goods to dangerous packaging. Illness could be caused by contaminated food products or hazardous chemical ingredients used within products.

You as a consumer are protected by product liability laws such as advertising and marketing standards, government health and safety guidelines and the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Making a Product Liability Claim

If you are injured by a faulty product, take the following steps -

  • Record all evidence of the product’s fault and the injury caused – particularly evidence which links the product to the injury
  • Make sure you notify the manufacturer of the fault, as this contributes to the success of your claim
  • Recover purchase receipts

At Garratts Solicitors we have proven success in faulty product claims and will quickly be able to tell you if you can make a claim.


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