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Frequently asked questions about personal injury and accident claims. For more information contact Garratts today for expert legal advice

Legal Time Limits

In most cases, you have a maximum of three years from the date of the accident to settle your claim or to issue court proceedings. Shorter deadlines may apply to injuries incurred at sea or travelling by plane or overseas. However, injured children often have until their 21st birthday.

The deadline rules can be complex, so it's always worth getting in touch with us, even if you think you may have left it too late.

Compensation culture? Don't be put off by what others might think.

The phrase 'compensation culture' is often used in today's society and not always in a complimentary manner. It is often spoken of in a derogatory way and is seen by some people as a sad indictment of UK society.

Remember a personal injury claim is just like any other kind of insurance. If you had a car accident, would you hesitate to call your insurance provider? Would you make a claim against your airline if it lost your bags on holiday? Personal injury is exactly the same – and the insurers are there to provide financial support to help you through what is often a difficult time. The average financial impact of not claiming runs to over £1,500, so it's important that you are really clear on whether you can afford not to make a claim.

Do you take cases on a 'No Win No Fee' basis?

Yes, we do. With this option, there is no financial risk to you. If you lose your case you will not have to pay for Solicitors fees and this is the risk we take on your behalf. If we win your case we take a percentage of the damages (up to 25%).

When should I  start a claim?

Make your claim straight away. People often wait until they can no longer work before they begin the claims process. However, this can lead to financial problems further down the line when the costs can really start piling up. Putting in a claim as early as you can mean the details will be fresh in your mind and you are more likely to have all the relevant documentation to hand.

What compensation will I get?

You will be entitled to two kinds of damages for your injury. The first is called "general damages" and is awarded the pain and suffering caused by your injury.

The second is called special damages and covers actual financial losses and expenses arising from your injury. This can include lost earnings, care given to you by your friends and family, costs of treatment, travel costs and many other expenses.

Will I have to attend a medical appointment?

In most circumstances, you will need to be examined by an independent doctor for your legal claim.  We will look to arrange a mutually convenient appointment for you as close to your home as possible.

I want to claim against my employer, will I lose my job if I make a claim?

There is no reason for you to lose your job. There are a number of Employment laws that protect you in the event that you make a claim against your employer. Your employer has legal responsibility for your health and safety at work. In the event, you lose your job our Employment Team may be able to assist you.

Personal Injury - early steps to your recovery

Seek medical advice immediately. Whether your injury is physical, such as whiplash, or psychological, such as stress, it is important to be seen by a medical professional straight away. This is to aid your recovery and rehabilitation but also to record your injury independently, which may be useful for your claim.

Personal Injury - early offers of settlement

Don't just accept the first offer you get from the insurer. Many people are made a pre-medical assessment offer by the insurers dealing with the claim. A lump sum can be very appealing to accept straight away, however, be very wary of doing so. Until a full medical evaluation is done and your solicitor has looked at your case in detail, it is impossible to calculate the real cost as there may be factors influencing the amount you need that you are not yet aware of.

Personal Injury - Interim Payments

Ask about an interim payment. The process of settling a claim can sometimes take a while but don't panic, because you can still apply for what is called an 'interim payment'. This essentially means you will be given a lump sum early on in the proceedings, to help you with any immediate costs, for example, covering your mortgage if you are unable to work.

Personal Injury claims and social media

Take care with social media. Remember that when looking at your claim, insurers will take into account anything that is in the public domain, and this can include your posts on social media. That may mean one thing to you and your friends may be interpreted differently by an insurer.

How do I claim Compensation?

Claiming is a simple process. All you have to do is call 0161 665 3502 and tell us about your accident and the injury or illness you suffered. We'll ask you for all the information we need to get your claim started, and we'll take it from there. Alternatively, start your claim online.





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