Life Changing Injuries

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester & Oldham specialise in life changing injury claims. Most of the claims we handle have a No Win No Fee agreement.

Seeking compensation for an injury that has life changing consequences is where Garratts Solicitors can help. With some of the best lawyers in Oldham and Manchester we advise on how to make a claim.

A ’life changing injury’ can mean many things, but essentially it is an injury or illness which has had a significant impact on your life, such as a permanent disability or a long-term illness. If your injury happened due to the negligence of a third party, you have the right to claim for compensation to cover essential costs such as:

  • Ongoing treatment,
  • Rehabilitation and care
  • Loss of earnings
  • Surgery
  • Transport
  • Property modifications

Here at Garratts we understand not only the physical impact of a serious injury, but the emotional trauma and financial hardship that follows. We are specialists in making claims for serious injuries, and we will provide you straight legal advice free of jargon.

No Win No Fee Life Changing Injury Claims

Our personal injury specialists understand the importance of acting quickly and guiding you through the ins and outs of sometimes complicated serious injury cases and providing regular contact to communicate timescales, costs and answer questions you have about the case.

There is a three year period from the date of the accident (or when you first became aware of your injury or illness) in which you can make a claim, so contact us today. 

You can also make a claim on behalf of a relative who has sadly passed away due to an accident or injury which could have been prevented.


With our free first advice promise it's easy to find out what your options are. Contact our Personal Injury Solicitors on 0161 665 3502 to discuss your case or start your claim online.