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Concussion Injury Claims

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester & Oldham specialise in concussion injury claims. Most of the claims we handle have a No Win No Fee agreement.

Concussion injuries are more than just a ‘blow to the head’. If left untreated, severe concussions can impact one’s quality of life. Having suffered from a concussion through no fault of your own due to violence or neglect, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Garratts’ team of personal injury solicitors is highly experienced in handling concussion claims. To find out if you’re eligible to make a claim, call us on 0161 665 3502, or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. 


What type of injury is a concussion?

A concussion is a temporary brain injury, often caused by a severe, unexpected ‘blow’ or physical impact to your head. This isn’t unusual for certain types of sports, i.e. contact sports like boxing but may also result from violence or neglect. It is important to emphasise that severe concussions require urgent, emergency treatment to avoid long-term health impacts.


Symptoms of a concussion injury in adults

Following a concussion, adults may experience one or more of the following symptoms (source: NHS):

  • A persistent headache 
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling sick or vomiting
  • Amnesia, also known as memory loss
  • Trouble holding your balance or acting clumsy
  • Increased levels of irritability 
  • Feelings of confusion or disorientation
  • Decreased field of vision – such as blurred vision or ‘seeing stars’
  • Fatigue or loss of consciousness


Symptoms of a concussion injury in babies and children

The symptoms of concussion in children and infants differ significantly from those in adults. It isn’t unusual for concussions to go unnoticed as they are more difficult to identify. If you suspect your child has suffered from a concussion or notice a change in their behaviour, it is vital you watch out for the following symptoms:

  • They cry more than usual
  • They have disturbed sleep
  • They eat less than usual
  • They seem lethargic or inactive and do not want to interact as usual with family and friends


What are the different types of concussions?

The type of concussion is generally classed as one of the following three grades and based on medical symptoms, including signs of amnesia, nausea, loss of consciousness, vision changes, etc.

  • A grade 1 concussion is classed as ‘mild’. It may involve no loss of consciousness but other symptoms like dizziness or irritability, which only lasts for a short time of up to 15 minutes.
  • A grade 2 concussion is considered ‘moderate’ with some medical symptoms experienced by the affected individual and lasting longer than 15 minutes but no loss of consciousness.
  • A ‘severe’ or grade 3 concussion will result in the affected individual losing consciousness, if only for a minute.


How can I make a concussion injury claim?

Here at Garratts, we are very experienced in handling concussion injury claims for compensation in a sensitive, highly professional manner. You can get in touch via 0161 665 3502 or fill in our contact form to start the claims process today.


How long will the compensation claims process take?

We understand that a concussion injury can immensely impact individuals and their families. Therefore it is our priority to guide you through the claims process in a supportive and understanding manner. 

You will have three years from the date of the accident (or when you first became aware of your injury or illness). You can also make a claim on behalf of a relative who has sadly passed away due to an accident or injury which could have been prevented.

Garratts’ team of personal injury solicitors will provide you with regular updates to communicate timescales and costs and will answer questions you have about your claim throughout the claims process.

Why choose Garratts Solicitors for your concussion claim?

If you have been injured following an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact our team of legal experts on 0161 665 3502; alternatively, you can start your claim online today. We will offer you a free, no-obligation consultation during which we will sensitively discuss your case. If you decide to proceed with your claim, we will keep you informed as your claim gets processed. All of our personal injury services are offered on a No Win No Fee basis.


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