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Slips and Trips in Public Places

For over 30 years our experienced personal injury solicitors have helped clients with their public slips, trips and fall claims.

Can I claim for a slip, trip or fall I’ve had in a public place?

Suffering from an accident in public, can not only be embarrassing but sometimes it can result in serious injuries including broken bones, ligament damage, serious cuts and head injuries.

Slip, trips and falls that are a result of the negligence of another party may be eligible for a compensation claim to cover:

  • loss of earnings
  • medical costs
  • and ongoing treatments to help resolve any emotional trauma you have experienced


Who do I claim against if I’ve slipt or fallen in public?

In the case of slips, trips and falls claims, the location of the accident will be a determining factor in deciding who you may claim against. Our personal injury solicitors have dealt with cases relating to:

  • public pavements and walkways
  • children’s playgrounds
  • supermarket accidents
  • and injuries on private premises, e.g. a gym or restaurant.

Whoever was responsible for your accident whether through poor maintenance or negligence, our personal injury solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with local authorities and private companies.


What is the compensation process for slips, trips or falls in 2023?

You will have three years from the date of your accident during which you will need to file your claim. However, we strongly recommend starting the process as soon as you can. The first step is getting in touch with our team of accident compensation claims solicitors. It will help to strengthen your claim if you can provide us with:

  • photographs of the obstruction, defect, or fault
  • details of any witnesses
  • copies of the official complaint to those deemed responsible
  • and evidence of any medical treatment you have received.

We will review the evidence and advise you whether we feel it’s worth pursuing your compensation claim. If you decide to continue with the process, we will file a claim against those responsible. We will undertake all negotiations and represent you in court if required. However, most of our personal injury claims are dealt with via out of court settlements.


Why choose Garratts Solicitors for your accident compensation claim?

At Garratts Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach. Our team of experts understands that the injuries you may have sustained can have an ongoing impact on your quality of life. By working together we will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Start your claim online today or call us on 0161 665 3502.


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