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Wills and Probate Fees

Navigating life's legal complexities shouldn't be a burden. Our transparent, fixed-fee Wills and Probate services ensure you can plan for the future with clarity and confidence. Discover we can guide you every step of the way.

When it comes to legal planning, transparency and affordability are essential. At Garratts Solicitors, we offer a clear, fixed fee structure for Wills, Probate, and Lasting Power of Attorney services. This ensures you can make informed decisions without hidden costs. All fees are subject to VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise.


Our Wills Services

A thoughtfully crafted Will is the cornerstone of ensuring your wishes are carried out, and your loved ones are taken care of. We offer various Will services to suit your needs:

  • Standard single Wills: A straightforward option for those with simpler estates and clear inheritance instructions. (£200 plus VAT)
  • Standard mirror Wills: Ideal for couples who want to leave similar instructions in their respective Wills, streamlining the process. (£350 plus VAT)


Additional Considerations

Our team understands that not all estates and family situations are the same. If your circumstances require the following, additional fees may apply:

  • Leaving out a spouse, partner, or child: We can carefully draft your Will to meet your specific wishes while navigating potential legal complexities. (£75 plus VAT)
  • Protecting a vulnerable or disabled beneficiary: Ensuring your loved ones are taken care of is paramount. We can help by creating special provisions or trusts within your Will. (£75 plus VAT)
  • Inclusion of a trust: Trusts can be powerful estate planning tools. We will advise on the right type of trust for your needs. (£75 plus VAT)


Severance of Joint Tenancy

If you own property as joint tenants, a severance can ensure your share passes according to your Will. Our fees for this service are:

  • Severance fee: £125 plus VAT
  • Disbursements: £3 - £9 for office copy entries, £20 per Form Q restriction

The above fees for additional considerations are applied on a per-item basis. For example, if your Will involves leaving out a spouse and setting up a trust, the additional fee would be £150 plus VAT.


If you need to make small changes to your existing Will, such as appointing a new executor or adding a bequest, a codicil is a cost-effective option. Our codicil services include:

  • Drafting and execution: We will carefully draft your codicil and guide you through the proper execution process.
  • Fee structure: £150 plus VAT (single Will), £210 plus VAT (mirror Wills)

Understanding Our Comprehensive Will Services

When you choose Garratts for your Will, you receive a thorough and personalised experience. Our standard Will services include:

  • Consultations: At least two meetings to understand your needs and goals.
  • Drafting and revision: Meticulous drafting, opportunities for review, and final revision.
  • Secure storage and registration: We will store your Will safely and register it with  Certainty, the National Wills database.
  • Certified copies: You will receive certified copies for your records.


Affordability for Those in Need

If you receive means-tested benefits, we offer reduced fees to make our services more accessible:

  • Standard single Will: £150 plus VAT
  • Standard mirror Wills: £250 plus VAT


Additional Considerations

Please note that the following may incur additional fees of £75 plus VAT each:

  • Leaving out a spouse, partner, or child
  • Protecting a vulnerable or disabled beneficiary
  • Including a trust within your Will


Severance of Joint Tenancy

If you own property as joint tenants, a severance can ensure your share passes according to your Will. Our fees for this service are:

  • Severance fee: £125 plus VAT
  • Disbursements: £3-£9 for office copy entries, £20 per Form Q restriction

Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

LPAs are essential for ensuring your affairs are managed if you become unable to do so yourself.  We offer two different types of LPAs and various package options to suit your needs:

  • Property and financial affairs LPA: Appoint a trusted person to handle your finances and property decisions.
  • Health and welfare LPA: Designates a decision-maker for your care, medical treatment, and living arrangements.


LPA Fee Structure

  • One LPA: £450 plus VAT
  • Two LPAs: £650 plus VAT
  • Four LPAs: £950 plus VAT


Important Notes
  • Court registration fees: These fees are not included in our LPA service costs. Each LPA requires an £82 registration fee with the Office of the Public Guardian. However, we can assist you in applying for fee remission or reduction if you qualify based on income or benefits.
  • Statement of capacity: In some cases, a medical professional's statement confirming your capacity may be required. If so, an additional £200 deposit will be taken, and the clinician may also charge a private fee.


Other Powers of Attorney Services

  • General power of attorney: Ideal for short-term delegation of authority (£200 plus VAT)
  • Advance decisions/living Wills: Document your wishes regarding end-of-life care (£200 plus VAT)
  • Registration of enduring power of attorney: If you have a pre-existing Enduring Power of Attorney, we can handle its registration. (£350 plus VAT, plus £82 Court registration fee)


** Special Offer - Save 10% on our Will drafting services when you create an LPA with us.


Probate/Administration of Estates

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience, and navigating the probate process can add further stress. At Garratts, we provide compassionate and expert guidance through every stage of estate administration.


Our Probate Services

Grant of Probate Applications: We handle the application process, including:

  • Initial Estate Guidance
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Probate Application Submission
  • Fee: £900 plus VAT, plus Probate Registry fees (£273 + £1.50 per extra Grant copy)


Full Estate Administration: For comprehensive probate support, we offer:

  • Expert advice tailored to your situation
  • Asset collection and liability settlement
  • Estate accounting and HMRC/DWP liaison
  • Distribution guidance, bankruptcy checks, and receipts
  • Searches for missing assets or Wills, and public notices if needed


Understanding Our Probate Fees

Our fees for full estate administration depend on the estate's complexity but typically start from £2,500 to £5,000 plus VAT and disbursements. We'll always discuss your estate and provide a personalised fee estimate before proceeding.


Fee Structure - How We Calculate Estimates

  • Base fee: A minimum of £1,500 plus VAT and disbursements
  • Percentage-based fees: 1.5% of the net residuary estate (the amount left after debts) and 0.75% of the net value of the residence
  • Additional considerations: Factors that may impact fees include;
    • Number of beneficiaries
    • Number of financial institutions
    • Property or share sales
    • Utilities and property insurance


Disbursements (Third-Party Fees)

These costs are not included in our legal fees. Examples include:

  • Court fees
  • Land Registry fees
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Asset tracing fees
  • Advertisement costs (for creditors)
  • Stockbroker fees


Court of Protection

We also offer specialised probate-related services for Court of Protection matters. Our fees for these services are:

  • Standard Non-Contentious Deputyship: £1,204 plus VAT
  • Category II Applications: £633 plus VAT
  • Complex or Contentious Cases: Charged at our hourly rate


Our Approach

  • Transparency: We provide a clear fee estimate upfront and discuss any potential additional costs.
  • Experience: Our estate administration team includes solicitors with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Support: You will have dedicated support throughout the entire probate process.



For full estate administration cases, we aim to secure the Grant of Probate within 3-5 months. After the Grant, the remaining administration typically takes 3-6 months.


Insolvent Estates

If you are concerned about an insolvent estate (where debts exceed assets), we're happy to provide a bespoke quote.


Trusts, Deeds of Renunciation and Deeds of Variation

At Garratts, we understand that effective estate planning often requires specialised legal instruments.  We offer expertise in the following areas:


  • Property protection and estate planning trusts: Secure your assets and optimise your legacy with a trust tailored to your goals. Fees typically range from £1,500 to £3,000 plus VAT, depending on complexity.
  • Personal injury trusts: Protect your compensation award with a specialised trust. Fees range from £1,000 - £1,500 plus VAT.



  • Deeds of renunciation or removal: Redirect inheritance or remove yourself as an executor or trustee. (£250 plus VAT)
  • Deeds of variation: Reshape the distribution of an estate after the passing of a loved one. (£350 plus VAT)



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