Social Media and Divorce

Social Media and Divorce

A quarter of couples argue over social media use.

Just under half of all adults in the UK admit they have secretly checked their partner's Facebook account and one in five went on to argue about what they discovered, according to new research.

One in seven said they had contemplated divorce because of their partner's activities on Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter or What'sApp. Nearly a quarter or the 2,000 married persons asked said they had at least one argument a week with their partner because of social media use and 17 per cent said they rowed every day because of it.

The most common reasons for checking their partner's social media accounts were to find out whom their partner was talking to, to keep tabs on them, to check who they were out with and find out if they were telling the truth about their social life. 14 per cent said they looked specifically to identify evidence of infidelity.

The research was commissioned by a leading firm of solicitors who have seen an increase in the number of people citing social media use as a cause of divorce year on year.

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