Do UK Family Courts favour mothers over fathers?

Do UK Family Courts favour mothers over fathers?

A recent research by The University of Warwick, on the family courts in England and Wales has concluded there is no discrimination against fathers.

According to the report, in 96 % of the cases, it was usually the father who applies to the court for contact with their children. 88% of those who applied for contact were awarded some kind of access, this will include their children stay with them overnight, with most common arrangement being every other weekend. Other contact arrangements included 'indirect contact' with their children via phone, post, or Skype, or supervised contact.

According to the lead researcher on the project Dr Maebh Harding looked at the data and concluded "that contact applications by fathers were in fact overwhelmingly successful".

Family Courts will not unreasonably prevent contact, all decisions are based on the welfare of the child. Research suggests that children who adjust best to family separation are those that are able to maintain contact with both parents.

Contact is the right of a child, not the parent. If you and your child's mother are unable to agree arrangements for contact and residence, you may need to turn to the family courts for help.

Whichever side of the situation you're on – trying to gain or trying to prevent/restrict contact, just speak to one of our family law specialist solicitors as soon as possible to find the best solution.

Remember, our Family Law Team are on your side and we'll do what's best for you and your kids as quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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