Successful Norovirus Compensation Claim

Successful Norovirus Compensation Claim

Norovirus is a virus that can cause gastroenteritis, an infection of the intestines and contracting it  can be an incredibly stressful experience.

The Claimant and his wife boarded a cruise ship as part of a package holiday arranged through the Defendant company.  Their departure had been delayed slightly on the basis that the ship was undergoing a "deep clean".  Once aboard other guests on the cruise quickly began falling ill, such that at one stage there were more than 300 people affected with Norovirus.  The level of infection was such that the cruise was cut short.  Two days before the cruise was to end the Claimant contracted the Norovirus and for the remainder of the cruise he and his wife were confined to their cabin.

A claim was commenced against the Defendant company, which was initally  denied, on the basis that they had taken all reasonable steps to avoid contagion and there was no proof or evidence that the virus was present on the ship upon boarding.

A number of similar cases in relation to the Claimant's cruise and those prior to and subsequent to his departure were brought, which led to the case becoming one of a number of cases involved in a group litigation claim and demonstrated that Norovirus had been a persistent problem over a period of several months.

This resulted in the successful recovery of damages on behalf of the Claimant who was awarded £2,000.00 for the personal injuries suffered, the loss of enjoyment of his cruise, and to delays in treatment he was due to have upon his return to the United Kingdom.

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