Hair Damage Claim

Hair Damage Claim

The stylist in question placed bleach throughout the claimants hair in foil packets and applied a darker brown colour direct to the scalp to contrast the blond highlights.

Highlights were placed in the hair with metal foils on the hair, and in total this took approximately 30 minutes, the hair dye then took another 20 minutes to apply.

The client was then left to develop for another 90 minutes after which time the defendant checked her hair in the foil package and added more bleach to the hair.

The claimant was processed for another 30 minutes. The claimant stated her scalp was burning throughout this process, and advised the stylist but was simply told the product "does that" and to "try and put up with it".

The entire colour was then rinsed off, and the claimant and the stylist then noticed her hair breaking off at the sink. The claimant was advised that she would have to have her hair length cut and approximately 20cm was cut off the length of her hair.

In summary approximately 70% of the claimants hair was damaged due to the negligence of the stylist.

The effect lasted some 42 months from the accident for the hair to grow out to its prior length.

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