Eyebrow Waxing Gone Terribly Wrong

Eyebrow Waxing Gone Terribly Wrong

The claimant attended a beauty salon for an eyelash tint and eyebrow wax. After the waxing was complete, the claimant felt a stinging sensation on her eyebrows. The claimant paid for her treatment, but noted by this time the stinging on her eyes were causing pain.

On further examination at home, she noticed that her eyelids were  red and unfortunately the skin on her eyelids then  started to peel away. Her eyelids  began to swell, there was weeping from the right eye and intense pain.

The claimant was embarrassed to  leave her  house  because  people stared at her.  She was refered to a plastic   surgeon for treatment.

Following notification of a claim from  Garratts Solicitors, the insurers for the salon quickly admitted the treatment  was carried out poorly and accepted liability.

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