Successful Personal Injury Claim Against Hairdresser

Successful Personal Injury Claim Against Hairdresser

Garratts Solicitors have recently helped a woman successfully recover compensation from a hair salon after incorrectly applied bleach resulted in severe head blisters and sores. 

Trying to go blonde 

The claimant attended a local hair salon and asked for her hair to be lightened from her natural brown to blonde. Following a consultation, the hairdresser agreed that this could be achieved by applying bleach to her entire head of hair from roots to top. 

The hairdresser applied the bleach and then placed the Claimant under a heat lamp to speed up the bleaching process. After 45 minutes under the heat lamp, the hairdresser returned and stated that the hair was not lifting as well as expected, recommending the application of more bleach to complete the process. 

After the second application of bleach the Claimant was placed back under the heat lamp for a further 45 minutes for further development. Once the second application was complete, the Claimant was taken to the back wash and the bleach was rinsed out. 

The damage caused 

By the time the second application was complete and washed out the Claimant’s scalp was sore, the hairdresser applied cool water in an attempt to alleviate the Claimant’s discomfort. A toner was then applied to the Claimant’s hair and scalp but resulted in her head stinging and was washed off. After a break, a second toner was applied and left on for 15 minutes before the Claimant’s hair was rinsed again. 

Once the toner had been rinsed out the Claimant’s hair was proclaimed ready for cutting and drying despite now being an off-yellow colour rather than the blonde she had been told it would be. The amount of bleach used had also left her hair extremely damaged, with the hairdresser advising that her hair needed to be cut to remove the damaged ends. The Claimant agreed to this and was distressed to discover that the Defendant cut off around 10cm in length, rather than giving a small trim as expected. 

Over the 12 hours after leaving the salon the Claimant’s scalp became increasingly worse with blisters and sores opening up as a result of the damage caused by the bleach. 

Admitting fault 

A Trichologist (hair and scalp expert) determined that the hairdresser had performed a service which fell below industry standards, over processing the Claimant’s hair and causing damage to the hair and scalp by failing to adhere to the manufacturing guidelines of the bleach, which state it should be left on for a maximum of 45 minutes. The Trichologist also pointed out that a reasonable hairdresser would be expected to check the hair and scalp every 10 to 15 minutes when applying bleach because of the strength of the product. 

Following this testimony from the Trichologist, the hair salon admitted their staff member was at fault and agreed compensation with the Claimant in an out of court settlement. 

Hair salon negligence compensation 

If your hair and scalp have been damaged as a result of a hairdressing mistake, we can help you prove your claim and claim compensation for your injuries. For a free case assessment with one of our expert team get in touch on 0161 665 3502.

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