£630,000 compensation following negligent hysterectomy surgery

£630,000 compensation following negligent hysterectomy surgery

A 50-year-old local woman who suffered for many years from heavy periods was referred for treatment to hospital by her GP. Following a Novasure Ablation Procedure after which she suffered with infection which was not adequately or appropriately treated by her GP, she was referred back to the hospital again and underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy. This surgery was not only unnecessarily radical but also negligent and against the advice of a multi-disciplinary team. Damage was caused to her internal organs including her bowel and bladder as abscesses which had developed and which had not been appropriately drained prior to surgery by her surgeon as advised burst during surgery.


The negligence resulted in further damage to her kidneys and over the course of the next 2 years she underwent multiple operations, for which she had to travel long distances to obtain the specialist treatment. These were not only extremely painful post-operatively but which also required long periods of recuperation both in hospital and at home when she was completely incapacitated and relied heavily upon her family for care and support. She has had to undergo a complete life change as a result of her injuries and is no longer able to work. She has to submit for regular monitoring on her kidneys in the form of blood tests and scans and will have to take various medications for the remainder of her life.


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