Clinical Negligence success story 2017

Clinical Negligence success story 2017

Miss T was cleaning her bathroom at home using a toilet and drain unblocker, bought from B & Q, when she dropped the bottle and a drop splashed onto her face. The drop rolled down her eyelid, cheek, neck and chest.


Miss T immediately felt a burning sensation and so went to the Accident and Emergency Department at her local hospital.


Her eye was washed but no treatment was received for the eye or the burn, she was simply told to put Nivea moisturiser on the burn.


Miss T returned to the Accident and Emergency Department the following day as her eye was very sore and she was suffering from a severe rash on her neck. She was again told to moisturise the area and no comment was made regarding her eye.


The burn continued to worsen and so Miss T went to her GP who immediately referred her to the Eye Clinic and recommended she go back to the hospital regarding her burn, with the view that she would then be referred to the Specialist Burns Unit. Her GP first prescribed antibiotics as it was clear the burn was infected.


Miss T was eventually prescribed eye drops and the burn was dressed with the appropriate cream and dressing.


As soon as Miss T presented at the Accident and Emergency Department, she should have been referred immediately to the Eye Clinic and the Burns Unit. Due to the delay, she unnecessarily suffered the pain and trauma caused by the infection (exacerbated by the application of Nivea) and also painful corneal problems.


Miss T was successful in her claim and was awarded compensation in the sum of £2,500.

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