Our Diversity Statistics

Our Diversity Statistics

Solicitors' firms are now required to carry out an annual diversity survey for their firm, submit the responses to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and publish the data. Completion by personnel of the survey is not compulsory, and the data regarding religion and sexual orientation is excluded from the publication requirement. Also, publication of the data has to be in a form such that individuals cannot be identified.

We asked our firm to complete diversity questionnaires in June-July 2017. The figures given relate to the information disclosed in questionnaires received.

We must reiterate that, due to the voluntary nature of disclosure, not all of our personnel returned the survey and therefore their data cannot be reflected in the results set out below.

49% of our personnel completed the survey.

The following percentages relate to those that completed the survey

Category of personnel:-
Solicitor (Partner) 3%
Solicitor (Non-Partner) 24%
Other fee earner 17%
Support role 43%
Other managerial role 10%
Prefer not to say 3%

Male 3%
Female 97%

Under 25 3%
25 to 34 29%
35 to 44 26%
45 to 54 16%
55 to 64 26%

Having a disability 6%
Not having a disability 88%
Prefer not to say 6%

White/Caribbean 3%
White 97%

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