Playground warning signs in French lead to acceptance of negligence

Playground warning signs in French lead to acceptance of negligence

An ambulance took her Salisbury District hospital for emergency surgery.

It was contended that the swing boats were an inherently unsafe piece of equipment and that systems should have been in place to ensure supervision by trained member so staff. Unbelievably, some of the warning signs on the operation of the boat swing were in French.

A Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon was instructed to review the Claimant's condition, and reported that he had never previously seen such an injury in someone so young.  There was the possible risk of a catastrophic complication in the form of avascular necrosis.

Settlement had to be deferred until skeletal maturity had been reached. Fortunately, by the time the Claimant reached 17 extensive investigations revealed that the anatomy on the Claimant's hip was normal. There was no added arthritic potential.

Following negotiations with the Defendants, a settlement was reached at £25,000.

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