Compensation obtained after negligent foot surgery

Compensation obtained after negligent foot surgery

The joint replacement would need to be removed and a bone graft taken from Mrs A's hip to fill the gap that would be left. The big toe would also need shortening along with the smaller three toes.The big toe was indeed shortened, however, the three smaller toes remained as they were. This caused Mrs A significant pain and continuing problems leaving her big toe raised off the floor. Not only was Mrs A suffering from pain in her foot, but as her body was misaligned, she also experienced substantial pain in her hip and knee. Eventually a further operation was performed to try and rectify the problems.

Garratts obtained supportive medical evidence from a leading expert to demonstrate that the surgery was performed negligently, and that Mrs A's continuing problems were as a result of that negligence.

Garratts successfully obtained £23,000 in compensation for Mrs A.

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