S21 to be Scrapped

S21 to be Scrapped

“s21 notice is used by landlords to evict tenants who have not breached the terms of the tenancy. We see a lot of investor clients who have a change in circumstances and need possession of the property back. Estate agents generally advise a property is easier to market if it is vacant, therefore resulting in tenants being issued with the non fault S21 notice. Michelle adds “a sale can still take place, however if the s21 notice is scrapped, the property will have to be sold with a tenant in situ therefore limiting the possibility of a sale to investors only”.

Our experienced conveyancing team can assist in ensuring the sale contract includes details of the tenant however, when purchasing, Michelle advises caution if purchasing with a tenant in situ “if the tenancy has not been granted correctly, and you purchase the property, a tenant who is in breach of the tenancy, could be difficult to evict”. At Garratts Solicitors we can assist if you intend to buy or sell a property with a tenant already in possession of the property. Contact Michelle or the Property team on 0161 665 3502.

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