Help with Child Accident Claims

Help with Child Accident Claims

Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors is here to support you and your children with any child accident claims making sure they receive the right level of compensation they deserve.


As a parent or legal guardian, you are entitled to claim compensation on behalf of your children if they've experienced a serious injury as a result of an accident involving a third party.


Serious injuries from accidents involving children may be the result of:

  • slips, trips and falls in a public place, i.e. a school or nursery
  • dog bites
  • road traffic accidents, e.g. resulting in whiplash


You start the claims process by contacting Garratts for an initial, free consultation with one of our child accident solicitors. Subsequently, we will follow up with an initial review of your case before advising you as to whether we think you will be able to claim compensation.


Our team will then accrue all evidence required to support your claim and inform the liable third party. Medical evidence forms an integral part of any personal injury claim. Therefore we will also organise an independent medical examination report for you and your child to ensure the best possible outcome for your compensation claim.


Contact our team of legal experts on 0161 665 3502 to discuss your claim for a child accident caused by no fault of their own. Rest assured that we will sensitively discuss your case, and if you do decide to proceed with your claim, we will keep you informed as your claim gets processed. We offer all of our personal injury services on a No Win No Fee basis.




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