Damages awarded for delay in diagnosing elbow injury

Damages awarded for delay in diagnosing elbow injury

Mr A fell off some ladders and injured his arm. He therefore attended the Accident and Emergency Department. An X-Ray was taken following which Mr A was advised he had only sustained a small fracture. He was provided a sling, leaflet and was discharged.

The pain continued and did not appear to be getting any better. Mr A therefore returned to the Accident and Emergency Department. A second X-Ray was performed and it was identified that the elbow was in fact displaced and shattered. This should have been diagnosed and treatment arranged during the first attendance as the injury was evident on the initial X-Ray. Mr A underwent surgical replacement of the radial head.

Not only did Mr A experience an extended period of unnecessary pain and suffering, but as a result of the delay in diagnosing and treating the injury, the radial head replacement failed requiring Mr A to undergo a further procedure to remove the implant.

Garratts were successful in obtaining £6,000.00 in compensation on behalf of Mr A.

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