Asma has developed significantly in her time at Garratts

Asma has developed significantly in her time at Garratts

Asma joined Garratts as a newly qualified solicitor seven years ago with a background of private family law, she embarked upon the challenge of public law work at that time and has strived to excel since.


In her 7 year journey, there have been numerous highlights :-

Advocate- 90% of her advocacy is conducted by herself including contentious and lengthy trials.

Children Panel accreditation- Successfully attained her specialist Children law accreditation after three years of service and as a result represents children.

Council member- In the fourth year of her service at Garratts, Asma stood for election at the Law Society to represent the fine solicitors of Central Lancashire and Northern Greater Manchester and was successfully appointed in 2019 for a four-year term.

This role allowed her to provide services and support to practising and training solicitors, as well as serving as a sounding board for law reform. Members of the Society are often consulted when important issues are being debated in Parliament or by the executive.

One of the motivations to join the Council was to have influence over the organisation and what it did. Asma feels that the most rewarding thing about being part of Council is being able to share with members all the sterling work the Law Society does.

Development Group- Becoming involved in the firm’s ‘Development Group’ within the last year has only developed her further.

Asma emphasises the support she has received from Garratts to achieve the aforementioned is commendable.


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