Congratulations on 23 Years at Garratts

Congratulations on 23 Years at Garratts

Richard Goodall is celebrating 23 years with the firm.   Richard Goodall qualified as a solicitor in 1987 but joined Garratts in April 1999. Those of us old enough will remember that at this time Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the minimum wage had just been introduced and one of the hits in the Top Ten was “My Name Is” by Eminem (whose name is actually Marshall Bruce Mathers – initials “M” and “M” – “Eminem”, see ? Ahem).

It was still possible in these times to practice across a number of disciplines, though this was becoming increasingly difficult. Richard has always felt drawn to areas of public service and became a member of the Law Society Panels for Crime, Family and Mental Health matters. However Legal Aid restrictions and cuts began to be introduced, starting with “Franchising” in 1994. This process culminated in the removal of certain areas of law from the Legal Aid sphere altogether including large areas of Family law by 2014.

Despite this and in line with Garratts interest in serving the needs of local people, Richard has continued in Criminal and Mental Health work until this day. Meeting people and being able to help them at a time of need has always been a draw for him.

Richard is proud to be an Associate Solicitor with the firm and looking forward to combining work and service into the future.

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