Negligent Foot Surgery

Negligent Foot Surgery

Ms B had had previous surgery to address a deformity to the big toe on her left foot some 15 years previously. 

After a number of years the big toe began to droop and drop which, on occasions, caused her to trip resulting in her seeking further medical treatment.

She underwent a procedure to effectively repair the tendon of the big toe.  This procedure was performed negligently and in effect negated the usefulness of the previous surgery which in the main had been successful.  The more recent surgery worsened the toe problem rather than improved it.  The medical evidence was that the tenodesis procedure was not required and was in fact harmful.  As a consequence of the breaches of duty by the Surgeon who carried out the operation our Client had more significant pain, had a longer period of absence from work following the surgery and had her quality of life significantly impaired including being unable to return to her main recreation of golf.  The big toe was left in a worse position than it had been before the negligent surgery.

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