Our Office Manager celebrates 7 years with Garratts!

Our Office Manager celebrates 7 years with Garratts!

Our Office Manager celebrates 7 years with Garratts!

I joined Garratts in 2015 as Office Manager and can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever had two days the same. The challenge of the job is the variety and number of tasks that I may be working on at the same time, from managing facilities, contracts, space planning to office moves and a whole host of differing tasks!

In my role I have the pleasure of working across the six offices which means I have built relationships with every member of staff, and what a privilege that is. The whole team at Garratts is fantastic and it’s a real pleasure to be able to work with every member face to face. Quite often different offices and departments work quite independently, so you could say that I am the glue that holds Garratts together!

I work from the accounts office with Amanda and Emma who tackle the role of accounts for the whole firm, it’s a busy and hectic environment but there is always time for a joke or a friendly debate about whose turn it is to make a brew!

The role that I took on was a step up in workload and responsibility and in a sector that I have not worked in before. The support offered from the Partners when I first joined was second to none, I have received training in areas where needed and have achieved additional professional qualifications.

All in all I would say that I have developed personally whilst working for Garratts and have enjoyed every challenge that has been put in front of me. It’s a good place to work with a positive working environment and I look forward to a future of continued challenges!

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