Compensation for School Caretaker Run Down by Taxi

Compensation for School Caretaker Run Down by Taxi

The Personal Injury Department at Garratts Solicitors have successfully brought a claim for an injured caretaker who was deliberately run over by a Taxi driver outside a Private School in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

The caretaker was outside the school for the morning pupil drop off, controlling traffic at the school’s main gate. A taxi dropping off pupils, parked in a prohibited area at the school entrance, and when the caretaker approached the taxi driver and asked him to move, the taxi driver deliberately drove into the caretaker, striking him in the knees, and knocking him to the ground and then leaving the scene of the accident.

Garratts Solicitors successfully brought a claim against the taxi driver, who initially attempted to evade liability by suggesting our client had walked into his vehicle. CCTV footage from the school ended that defence. Garratts helped the claimant in his recovery from his injuries and secured compensation to help him move on from the accident. Following extensive rehabilitation including physiotherapy, the Claimant made a full recovery.

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