Jet2 Held to Account for Child's Injury on Holiday

Jet2 Held to Account for Child's Injury on Holiday

Garratts have successfully achieved an award of compensation for a 3-year-old child who suffered a partial amputation of her left little toe whilst on holiday in Benidorm.

The child was with their mother, father & grandparents staying in a hotel in Benidorm, and they were getting ready to go out for an evening meal. It was the first night of the holiday.  The Claimant’s mother was in the bathroom getting ready and asked her daughter to go and put and her shoes on. Moments later, she heard a very loud bang and heard the Claimant screaming.  The Claimant’s mother ran into the bedroom and saw that a heavy wardrobe door had come away from the wardrobe and was on the floor on top of the child. The Claimant’s mother lifted the door off the child, and saw that her daughter’s foot was badly injured. She was rushed to hospital and the little toe was successfully stitched back on.  

After the accident the hotel staff put the wardrobe door back onto it’s runners but the Claimant’s mother requested that it be removed completely as she did not feel it was safe. The holiday was ruined.

Jet2 strenuously denied liability, even alleging that the little girl had clambered into the wardrobe and somehow prised off the heavy door herself which then fell onto her foot.

Garratts Solicitors issued Court Proceedings and the matter was listed for Trial, with travel reps from Spain summoned to attend court in Manchester, when shortly before the trial date the Defendants conceded liability and an award was made to the Claimant.

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