Garratts help a grieving father.

Garratts help a grieving father.

Garratts Solicitors have recently secured victory in the High Court on behalf of a grieving father; allowing him to be granted letters of administration to administer his son’s estate. Unfortunately, when an individual passes away, if they have not left a valid will, the laws of intestacy dictate who should be responsible for administering the estate (and indeed who can inherit same!)

In circumstances where the person entitled to administer the estate fails to do so, the estate will be left for the road to ruin; potentially leading to possession proceedings of the deceased’s property due to the cessation of mortgage payments.

In this case, the person entitled to administer the Deceased’s estate, failed to administer the estate as required. Accordingly, Garratts assisted his father in making an application in the High Court that the wife be “skipped” over as the administrator (and of course that they not eligible to inherit from the estate).

If you are in a position where a loved one’s estate is falling to ruin after their passing and their administrators (or indeed their executors) are failing to act, Garratts are there to assist. Please contact our offices on 0161 665 3502 to speak with our litigation department.

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