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Garratts have successfully obtained compensation for Mr H as a result of the negligence of a local hospital. Mr H attended at his local Accident and Emergency department with symptoms of a perianal abscess. He was reviewed by medical staff who basically advised him that he had Haemorrhoids and to apply some cream to the area. Two days later, Mr H woke up to find his bed clothes completely soiled with blood. He was also in agony and had to be admitted to hospital in Glasgow. This led to him having to have surgery for drainage and removal of the abscess.

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Not all accidents are traumatic. Most children regularly have accidents, be it through play, exploring the outdoors or testing their limits. However, some accidents will leave children hurt due to insufficient safety measures or negligent behaviour by someone else. It's those accidents which can be a harrowing experience for the whole family and sometimes have longer-term health impacts for the affected child.

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Garratts were successful in obtaining compensation for Miss C as a result of a delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Miss C had previously undergone gender reassignment surgery. Miss C began noticing pain in her breast and so she visited her GP. She was only provided cream to use which did not assist. Miss C returned to the GP as the pain had significantly increased and a small lump was also present. Miss C was advised her implant had likely ruptured. A referral letter was sent to the hospital, however, the referral was marked as routine and there was no mention of the lump.

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