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Mr H was admitted to his local hospital when he experienced excruciating pains and a loss of colour in his left leg. The hospital staff were concerned that they could find no pulse in the leg and scans and other investigations led to a diagnosis of a blood clot behind the left knee which required emergency surgery.

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Garratts of are proud to reveal their growing team of lawyers who specialise in Child Care proceedings. “This is an increasingly vital issue. It is one area where free legal aid is still available and offers a lifeline for parents who are being taken to court” says Head of Department, Frances Greenhalgh.

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The Claimant child, aged eight at the time of her accident, was visiting the grounds of a Wiltshire stately Home in September 2008. During her visit she was playing on a “boat swing” in the play area. This was a large heavy ride with seating space for multiple users. After exiting the ride, and whilst walking away from the area, she was struck hard by the boat swing which had been propelled towards her by other users. She was dragged underneath the ride suffering a significant dislocation to the right hip. The claimant was in so much pain she could not even cry.

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